Dear US-Friends,

I have discovered an unbelievable simple method to increase your life expectancy by quite a bit. Its so amazingly simple that I really have to share it with you in English (instead of hoping you will learn enough German to read the original version).

First you will have to understand the concept of “life expectancy”. Its a statistical thing. Data collected by (in this case: death proof) statistical methods. It collects data at which age people die based on where they live. For the US this data is collected at state level. For each state they have an average value (some die much earlier, some much later) but averaged over millions it gives an indication about how long you might live. But: If you speed on the highway or take drugs “life expectancy” will no save your life – your premature death will only influence future “life expectancy”.

All things equal, the life expectancy should be the fairly the same in the United States of America. OK, considering random factors it might vary by days. Considering a certain influence of different eating habits or occasional local natural catastrophes, lets maybe expect a difference of weeks or month. So lets take a look at what we really have:

Life expectancy in the USA by state

Life expectancy in the USA by state (click for larger version)

A difference of life expectancy of up to four years – depending on where you live is quite a bit. Imagine! An extra year (or two or three or four) added to your life! How much more could you do! Den Rest des Eintrags lesen. »

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