Du willst mit Titel “Eure Nerdness” begrüßt werden? Dann solltest du Meister der Disziplin “protoLOL” sein. Ich qualifiziere mich definitiv nicht…. ich verstehe im bestebn Fall jeden 10ten von ihnen – aber definitiv ein cooler Trend und gr0ßer Spass!

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The great thing about TCP jokes is that you always get them. #protolol

The best thing about CSS jokes is that they are misunderstood and taken incorrectly by Internet Explorer. #protolol

The best thing about declarative jokes is that you only have to prescribe laughter, no need to actually tell the joke. #protolol

The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don’t care if you get them or not. #protolol

The best part of HTTP jokes is GETting the punchline in a separate request. #protolol

The great thing about DNS jokes is that you don’t have to tell them with authority. #protolol

The great thing about antivirus jokes is you only need to change them a little and they’re funny again. #protolol

The great thing about encryption jokes is d0842c7091158f8a8e6c89ed0cf4ec07. #protolol

The great thing about XML jokes is that you can put anything into them.

The sad thing about IPv6 jokes is that almost no one understands them and no one is using them yet.

Who wants serial killers when you can have much faster parallel killers?  #protolol

RAID joke are always redundant #protolol

The worst thing about endianism jokes is that ……… #protolol

@yoshicool Fragmentation jokes… #protolol @yoshicool …are always… #protolol @yoshicool …told in parts. #protolo

GOPHER #protolol

hate Blind SQL injection jokes. The punchlines are always funny but they take too damn long to be delivered. #protolol

An IPv4 address space walks in to a bar, “A strong CIDR please. I’m exhausted.” #protolol

You can hide a whole filesystem in the time between telling a TCP joke and when people get it. #protolol

The ___ thing about Microsoft jokes is ____ you need to patch them all ___ time for them ___ work. #protolol

A TCP packet walks into a bar “I want a beer.” Bartender responds “You want a beer?” Packet responds “I want a beer.” #protolol

the problem with XML jokes is that if they’re not well formed you don’t get the ending #protolol

OSI model jokes work on so many levels. #protolol

I wish wed go back to a time where everybody enjoyed fingering each other. #protolol

The bad thing about XML jokes is that they take too long to tell, and sometimes are completely valueless. #protolol

“The problem with DRM jokes is that you can’t share them with your friends.” #protolol

I’m working on a bittorrent joke, but I only have about 30% and nobody’s seeding! #protolol

Chuck Norris has only one OSI layer – Physical #protolol

At least Ruby jokes have class. #protolol

A SQL Query walks into a bar, approaches two tables and asks ‘Can I join you?’ #protolol

“The funny thing about C jokes is when the null terminator is %s ¾Ò¾Ð>Ó¾ÑÞØ.·7çÉýWPw.àøßÿkúo.p4ÿûø.ô4h” http://goo.gl/8Sziw #protolol