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Carsten "El Librillo" Buxhholz

El Librillo loves – as a dancer as well as a TJ – the integrative and innovative potential of Tango. He transports it to his audicence by catching them with well known music and moving them carefully to less well known material to expand the limits of hearing, dancing, feeling and connection.

His programms reflect the variety of Tango and music you can dance Tango to. But they are also conceptional units that makes dancers transparent what music to expect and prevent an (always tempting) arbitrariness. Programs are never meant in a sense that theses are fixed playlists, but ideas with a wide pool of eligible songs that are always played based on the occasion, the room, the audience and the the mood of dancers.


  • Viaje en el Tiempo
  • Tango Armónico
  • Tango Atravesado
  • Milonga Nueva
  • Milonga Experimental
  • Tango Azules
  • Experimental
  • Tango Joven
  • Tango Transversal

Infos about the programs at the end of the page.

El Librillo lives in Darmstadt and Nottingham. He DJs since

He will not play on events that dicriminates against or dicourages same-sex dancers or roll change.


Infos about the programs:

Viaje en el Tiempo

Traditional Tangos in a diverse, dynamic and inspiring mixure probably with a slight tendency towards instrumentals and melodic tangos. But it really depends on the mood of the event and the dancers dynamics.

Tandas with cortinas: TTVTTM.

Tango Armónico

Milonga Tango Armónico

Harmonic Tangos and Non-Tangos with the aim to maximize the joy of dancing.

Tandas with cortinas: TTVTTM. Distribution circa.:

  • 1/3 trad. tangos
  • 1/3 Neo Tangos / Tango Nuevos
  • 1/3 Non-Tangos

Tango Atravesado

Tangos and Non-Tangos from 1919 to 2022 in a very colourful and surprising mix ot known and unknown, new and old, easy and difficult, powerful and calm.

A program that invites to expand the limits of hearing and dancing – without forgetting about the roots of tango.

Tandas with Cortinas: TTVTTM.

Milonga Nueva

From Astor Piazolla to the contemporary tango of 2020. From bold interpretations of classical tangos to new compositions. Strictly Nuevo (in all thinkable variations) – no EdO, no non-tango.

Tandas with Cortinas: TTVTTM.

Tango Experimental

For all who wanted to explore the limits of dancing tango argentino. From extremely slow up to 220 bpm. From Piazolla and Eduardo Rovira to classic, jazz and psychedelischer rock. The music selection is based on criteria as:

  • Variety
  • Dynamic
  • Creativitiy of composition or arrangement
  • Intensity

Dancers have to expect rythm and tempo changes and songs / tandas may be longer then usual. This program adresses experienced tango dancers with good improvisation skills (or those interested in developing them).

Tango Azules

The Blues is the north-american brother of the tango. And despite having a different, more popular and more diverse history there is a musical and and poetic connection between tango and blues. And: To many blues songs you can dance very well in tango style.

Many tandas have been tested as part of Tango Armónico – waiting for a couragous organizer who is willing to dedicate Tango Azules a set or a special milonga.

Tandas with Cortinas – but no TTVTTM.

Dazed & Confused

Get into the flow! Masterpieces from Tango, Psycedelic (Rock), Jazz, Electronic, Worldmusikc, … Only goal: Get the dancers into the flow – and keep them there.

No Tandas. No pauses. No Chacarera.

Tango Joven

Young Musik (Rap, Elekto, Pop – Tango & Non Tango) for open ears and flexible legs. Beat-orientiert.

Tango Transversal

Tango songs interpreted by other genres. Non-Tangos bandoneonizedt. Jazzango. Candombe, Saltango. Tango Azules. Canyengue. Popango. Classango. Elektro-Tango. Skango. Tango-Punk. Whatever. A Program, that explores the tangency and merges of Tango with “otros rythmos” (from 1850-2050).

El Librillo offers (on request) DJ and musicallity workshops and trainings.